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Welcome welcome one and all.
Thanks for making the hearty effort to come and read my thoughts and creations, and you are extra special because you dear friend have clicked to find out more about me. Well bravo. Are you sure you want to know?

Well this here blog of mine has been around for only a short time. It used to be hosted at wordpress, but I came up with a brainwave and decided that Slowlycreepingdeath was not a very friendly name and might put off potential viewers. So I changed it.. Bad move. Views started to dwindle as did my inclination to write, I mean why put stuff out there if no one will see it. (Said the flasher in the deserted park) So I re-named my wordpress blog to One Button Mouse go see it if you like. Only trouble was it didn't appear in search engines because there are a lot of one button mouse sites.

I called it one button mouse because of my Apple fanboyism. No no wait come back.. you won't find me queueing outside of anywhere for days. I like Apple stuff because it does what I want it to do. Not because it has an Apple on it. Stephen Fry once said on Apple design "The design is part of the function of the product, it makes you want to use it" this I believe is true. I occasionally blog about the world of tech.

Another topic I occasionally cover is football. I am a loyal follower of the mighty Reading FC so I will write about them or the game in a wider context. I have had pieces published on Tattooed Football and I try to provide regular comments on the more Reading-centric Tilehurst End.

I would like one day to get paid for my writing. So from time to time you will see fiction and poetry. These are things where your feedback and comments matter most.

Oh.. and a side note.. quite a big thing really.. (no not that) I have been disabled since birth so sometimes I bleat on about that.. amongst other things. Enjoy the ride


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